The name PlTSIKOGLOU is familiar to you. It is synonymous to guarantee and quality, which used to and still continues to offer its services to customer for over 20 years now. Besides, the customers themselves acknowledge our name and existence, because they are pleased and satisfied with us and with our first rate in quality and function used machinery, which we import from Germany and is chequed by our staff and experts, making your work easier, faster and better.

In our warehouse,
you can find a wide variety of machine parts from press brakes, guillotine shears, plate rollings, hydraulic and eccentric presses, lathes, milling machines, grinders, to train engines. In addition we dispose of generators, pneumatic drills, ball bearings, pumps, electrical motors, pipe unions, hydraulic systems and other small or big machines or machine parts. All these and many other items can be found in St. Athanasios of Drama, in our 18.000m2 premises. With a visit, you may find what you need. We are always glad to help you and guide you in our premises.

In the following pages you can see some of the machine parts which can be found in our newly organized exhibition area, which is 4.000 m2 in extent. ..

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